The Universal Citizens Media Network (UC Media) combines the best of traditional television broadcasting, live streaming, and video on demand to bring positive, truthful, and socially conscious programs around the world. Users can access the UC Media’s International OTT & IPTV platform on mobile and hand held devices (smart phones, pads, tablets) computers, and smart tv’s anywhere in the world with Internet connectivity.

Emerging technologies have made our world smaller with media and information reaching us faster, from further away, and with more options then ever before in history.  Our multicultural network contributors from around the world use our media platform to share knowledge, wisdom, and understanding about the impact we have on each other and our planet. This effort to unite people and cultures is intended to promote a global interdependence while maintaining our individuality and uniqueness.

Universal Citizens is a “One Mind and One Love” movement that unifies our energies and ascends our consciousnesses to new heights and frequencies for nurturing love, compassion, healing, balance and ultimately, global sustainability. Our platform provides solutions for likeminded people, Citizen Journalists, Artists, Producers, Distributors, Businesses and Organizations to take their messages to the world to not only entertain, but also engage, enlighten, educate and empower.

The Universal Citizens Media Network: is our network hub for our OTT (Over-The-Top) 24/7 International scheduled broadcasts anytime – anyplace – anywhere, and host to our growing roster of niche VOD (Video On Demand) Networks:

  • (The Revelation Network TV) Faith and inspirational media, and
  • (U-C-IT-TV) Family-centric and millennial media.

The UC Media Program Schedule provides show broadcast times, rebroadcasts, on demand, and other available media.

Universal Citizens will strive to demonstrate Sincerity, Integrity and Accountability (SIA) in all network programming, media and presentations.

We demonstrate Sincerity
by sharing fairly in our engagements with intentions that have winning outcomes for all participants.

We demonstrate Integrity
by presenting information and stories as factually and in context with the truth as humanly possible.

We demonstrate Accountability
through oversight of our media community by members and management to maintain a private and conscientious media collective.

We seek peace for all humanity and our precious planet earth.




Visionaries around the world are rising to uphold new narratives that perpetuate peace and reconciliation for humankind. Enough people can still make the choice to look at their lives and our world from a perspective of peace that makes a difference for all, especially the voiceless.

The greatest barrier to peace is fear. Our world today is plagued by fear; fear of what is unfamiliar, different, contrary to our thoughts, beliefs, understanding or knowledge. The fear of loss, being alone, being without, and not being in control of keeping what is familiar, the same, and in line with our thinking, beliefs, understanding, or knowledge keeps our world in mental bondage.

To truly attain peace in our world, we as humankind must also have peace within. Reconciliation is achieved by removing the barriers to peace. Fear that manifests through the enemies of the mind; hatred, jealousy, resentment, pride, arrogance, and lack of confidence can be overcome and reconciled with the assurance that all is well.

Achieving global peace and reconciliation starts with individual peace from within; and achieving peace within starts with forgiveness. We will not truly forgive our brothers and sisters and the world around us while harboring hatred, jealousy, resentment, and pride that are really all based in fear. Even if we go through the motions that present the outward, yet temporary appearance of peace, the triggers to set off and release the innermost enemies of the mind are still present and volatile.

So, can we let go and be free from the enemies within? It is a choice that we are faced with today whether we like it or not. Sadly, there are people still suffering physical enslavement, and there are more victims of mental slavery rising in epidemic proportions. We attach to uninvestigated concepts we believe to be true and relieve ourselves of being responsible for our own thoughts and feelings. Truth is not always comfortable, but it will set you free. The ego prevents the acceptance of truth and therefore prevents forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation. To be free from the enemies within we must find compassion to forgive and begin healing. When we achieve forgiveness inside, we then have a firm and solid foundation to forgive the world outside of ourselves.

We welcome you to join the movement as we uplift truth, narratives based in peace, and initiatives that support health, dignity, prosperity, and freedom for all humankind.
Lady Alicia Hamilton